While there is skepticism regarding the effectiveness of detox diets, the importance of revamping your lifestyle could not be more urgent. Some professionals believe eating a healthy diet is enough to support your detoxification systems. However, I believe that a healthy diet and an integrated holistic detox can support the health of your body in a more dynamic way. Being balanced through a detox lifestyle will not only allow you to specifically support your body as it eliminates toxins, but will also provide you with a healthy center that will ultimately leave the greatest impact. 

Our bodies were built to remove toxins from our systems, but the toxins we consume on a daily basis are more numerous and pervasive than ever before. Since The Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 more than 80,000 chemicals have been approved with little or no safety testing! In fact, the burden of proof is on the EPA to show that a chemical is harmful, rather than on the manufacturer to show that it is safe. Only about one-fourth of these chemicals have ever been tested for safety at all. In addition, we don’t know the synergistic effect these chemical cocktails have on our bodies. 

We simply cannot continue to treat our bodies the same way as our ancestors did. We are fighting a very different kind of battle now. That is why a detox-centered lifestyle is so important.

My philosophy and approach to detox has always been one that focuses on gentle dietary changes and support. The simple changes I encourage can be followed day in and day out, leading to an actual lifestyle change, not just a 3-day fast or a 2-week diet. 

What is detoxification?  The removal of accumulated toxins and the negative effects toxin buildup has on the body. 

Where do toxins come from? Toxins are everywhere. They are in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and in skincare and cleaning products we use every day.

Why detox? The buildup of toxins has been linked to conditions such as diabetes, cancer, asthma, estrogen dominance and even obesity. Regular periods of detox support your body in clearing out these toxins, leading to better health, disease prevention, healing, freedom from addictions, weight loss, increased energy, and more.


My dietary detoxes are simply healthful ways to eat that can be carried forward and incorporated into your everyday lifestyle. 

The “Complete Guide to a Detox Lifestyle” is composed of 4 different seasonal approaches to incorporate dietary improvements and to learn how to minimize toxin exposure on a daily basis. Scroll down for a description of each one. By following a detox plan each season, you will have the tools you need to fully revamp your diet and lifestyle at the end of one year!  

My focus is on eating wholesome foods that support the organs of detoxification. We discuss the optional addition of superfoods, herbs and supplements for those to want to take it up a notch.There are no extreme drinks or special products required. 

The detoxes can be tailored to all levels, whether you are a novice or an experienced detoxer. My goal is to help you complete a successful detox that will leave you feeling victorious and energized!  Contact me for more details.


    After celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas (or more), spend 12 days detoxing. In the winter, we focus on warming, restoring foods that stimulate detox, the immune system and the digestive system. Learn fun facts about detox each day. 

On the first day of detox… 


   Spring is the time for opening up the windows and cleaning out your house. It’s also time to clear the toxins from your body, the cobwebs from your mind, and any possible pounds acquired during months of winter hibernation. 


    A short, 7-day cleansing detox that can be repeated for 14 days, 21 days or the whole summer! It relies on refreshing fruits and vegetables to gently stimulate the removal of toxins. Learn about juicing, raw foods and proper food combining techniques


    Learn about seasonal rhythms and how to detox during this season of harvest celebrations. Prepare your body for the upcoming winter months.