Don’t take my word for it. 

Listen to what some of my clients have to say.

Magen (2017) decided it was time to make some changes for the new year. She followed my 12 Days of Detox, her first detox ever. Here’s what she had to say about halfway through:

"Well, it has been a change doing this detox! I feel a sense of accomplishment for the small goals I have accomplished so far. I have conquered small temptations of sweet and easy quick foods and stayed on track. Cut my cup of coffee to a half cup and no breads so far. I’m also expanding my taste to new and better foods. Mind is clearing up and muscles are stretching better with exercises. Thanks for the articles too.

Pete (2016) asked for ideas for bringing down his cholesterol and blood pressure with dietary changes.

"News flash. Because of your recommendations, coupled with losing 15 pounds and avoiding many carbs and eating lots of salads, I halved my triglycerides, knocked 15 points off the bad cholesterol and added 15 points to the good cholesterol. My blood pressure is well within acceptable, and my doctor reinstated me as his best patient. I had been demoted to 2nd and was not happy. So I will be celebrating with pizza and cheesburgers! (Just kidding!) Thanks for your advice it really helped.”

Maribeth (2016) is a current PraiseMoves student, followed my Spring Detox, and had this to say about it:

"The first thought that comes to me is that I feel much lighter. I don't mean weight, but a lack of bloating that I didn't even realize I had.

I also think that my appetite and tastes have changed for the better. I am not getting hungry as quickly as I did before.  I used to eat for other reasons besides hunger. If I was tired or needed to do a task I didn't want to do, I would eat, usually something sweet. That tendency has not totally disappeared but it is happening much less often, and I am now able to substitute something healthy for the sweets. For example, if I am tired in the afternoon, I find having my daily serving of kombucha tea is a satisfying treat.

I don't feel any pull back to the fast food lane. I am actually enjoying salad and other vegetables much more than I ever used to do. I am sleeping better. I don’t know how the detox brought this change, but it is true.

The daily readings and tips you provided are really helpful. I could mention many particular things I got from them. I am keeping them readily available so that I can continue to go over them.

To sum up, I just generally feel better! I know I need to be careful that my eating continues to improve. I know from experience how easy it can be to slip back into old habits. But I am very grateful for this detox experience and everything I am learning as a result. I am thankful that you are willing to work with me on this!

Toni has followed many of my detoxes over the years, but recently wanted to get serious about her weight and health. We set up twice weekly Skype appointments to keep her accountable with her diet and to exercise together. Using PraiseMoves as the foundation, we have done gentle stretching classes, interval classes, ab-buster classes and more.

"I have been participating in Bobbi's seasonal detox programs for the last 4 years. I love them! Her programs have helped me improve my nutrition tremendously and renewed my spirit and body. I have less aches and pains in my joints from inflammation and I have an overall feeling of well being.   Six months ago at my annual physical I found that my blood pressure was elevated, and my doctor was recommending that I begin taking blood pressure medication. Ugh! I called Bobbi and she suggested I look into some supplements that might improve my blood pressure levels. I added these to my daily regimen and continued with Bobbi’s Health Coaching sessions throughout this period- always trying to follow her advice. 

I also began taking Praise Moves classes twice a week with Bobbi via Skype.  My life has improved dramatically in that time!  I have lost 15 pounds and inches off my hips and waist that I have not been able to shed for the last 20 years!  My body feels stronger with each class I take, especially my upper body and back muscles.  I stand taller and I feel leaner and more supple. And most importantly, my blood pressure is back at a normal level. Thank you Bobbi and God bless you for all the love and concern you have shown me!

JMG detoxed with me for the first time in the 2013 Fall Detox. Her husband joined her!

"This detox has been a wonderful experience for me and my husband.  It was a blessing to be guided towards a more healthy life style. Two weeks is a manageable amount of time.  I think of myself as a healthy eater but some of these changes were pretty radical for me. Cutting back on gluten was a big one but I feel great so it was well worth the effort.  Looking forward to the winter detox!"

K.G completed the Winter Detox and here's what she had to say: 

"I finished the detox on Friday.  I really enjoyed it.  I had a significant increase not only in my energy level, but in my mood as well.  I handled stressful situations better because I just felt better, overall.  I have continued to eat as if I am detoxing - the food is just so good!

I did the summer detox as well, and I think the winter one has been my favorite to date.  The entrees were delicious and comforting.  I even made the mexican brown rice for the staff in one of my clinics, and they all loved it!  They even asked for the recipe.  :)  One of our notorious junk food eaters even said, "Wait, you're telling me I'm eating something healthy?"  :)

Looking forward to the spring detox."

Anna. C is a very busy mom. She and her husband were looking for ways to eat healthier meals and be a good example to their children.

“After a summer of hurried schedules and junk eating we were looking for a way to get on a healthier track before school started. We adapted the summer detox for our whole family. I kept a container in the fridge of cut up fruit as an alternative to snacking on chips and crackers. The kids loved it! At dinner I told the kids about all the different nutrients that were in our meal and they would flex their muscles like super heroes! 

“We made the salads for lunch. My favorite was the red cabbage salad. I adapted the Kicheree recipes for dinners. They were so flavorful I had no trouble getting the whole family to clean their plate. 

“During the detox, I became aware of how "addicted" I've become to diet drinks. I could feel the circulation in my joints improve, but it took a few days for my mind to not feel clouded. By the end of the week we noticed that we had more energy at the end of the day to play with our kids. 

“Thank you, Bobbi for taking the time to learn about nutrition and teaching us a more healthy way to eat and live.  I look forward to continuing on the track we started.”

R.E. had been living for several semesters on lattes, protein bars, and salads, trying to follow a vegetarian and gluten-free diet at college. She was constantly exhausted and came down with colds and flus often. She needed a very specific guide to follow and the accountability of making a commitment to a healthy diet:

“As a college student, it was always a challenge to eat well during the week. It got especially difficult around midterm and final seasons. I loved the Winter detox meals because they were great to make in bulk. I was able to make the full serving size and freeze the rest. I was also eager to explore easy ways to get all of my fruits and vegetables in. I was able to take advantage of a juice truck near school that took care of one meal a day. It was so fun to take the meals and incorporate them into my life. I was able to adapt several of them to my specific tastes and also to what I had in my refrigerator. As someone who has sensitivities to gluten, this detox made me feel incredible. I gained energy for school, was able to exercise harder and was able to tone a lot quicker than before. I would recommend this detox to anyone but it is especially manageable for young adults!”

J.H. has been working with me on diet and fitness. Here’s what she said recently about the PraiseMoves classes:

“I have noticed some major changes in my body since I began PraiseMoves. One of the most noticeable has been an improvement in my balance and the strength of my core muscles. Last week I was taking my walk and not paying attention to where I was stepping because I was adjusting my music. I did not notice a two inch lift in the sidewalk and tripped over it. I managed to catch my balance even though my arms were in front of me! This would have normally sent me sprawling on the sidewalk or at the very least I would be limping home with a sore and twisted back! I am so thankful for PraiseMoves and I look forward to many more benefits in the future.”

Elizabeth M. has followed a number of detoxes, including several of my seasonal detoxes. Here’s what she has to say:

"I am an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer who loves to try new foods and recipes. I believe that the foundation of a solid nutritional detox plan starts with education. Bobbi does this in numerous ways to help encourage and reaffirm each participant during every seasonal detox. Bobbi answers the question, 'Why should we eat clean, whole foods?' through emails, newsletters, blog posts & posts on her Facebook wall by teaching a preventive healthy outlook on how to fuel our bodies. Each detox that Bobbi offers is packed with sound nutritional information and great recipes for easy menu planning. I've participated in several of her detoxes, but I especially loved the summer detox because it allowed for the fresh fruits to be enjoyed in season, which definitely helped curb my voracious sweet tooth. I also loved many of the recipes in her Summer Detox E-CookBook.  The benefits that I gained personally by following her 7 Day Detox were a decreased appetite for simple sugars, more energy to complete daily routines, better sleep and a noticeable change in abdominal appearance. Thank you, Bobbi, for another great detox plan -Can't wait to see what you have in store for the next one!"

Sonja (Switzerland) participated in the 2012 Winter Detox and wrote these words:

“Bobbi, after 5 days of splendid sunshine and powder snow, the weather turned to snowfall. It is absolutely fantastic to be in the mountains when the sky is so blue and the snow sparkling. We have been skiing every day. And you won’t believe it, but I didn’t have any muscle aches at all. It was really strange. Normally, especially after the first 2 days of skiing hard, the muscles above my knees start to burn and get sore. But not this time. And I must admit that I was not especially well trained this year. So, I think the detox really had a very good effect on me and worked very well!

Cyndy has tried numerous diets and reluctantly decided to sign up for a detox. She kept asking me if she was doing something wrong, because she felt great, and wasn’t hungry or suffering:

“Several people have asked me what benefits I gained from being on Bobbi's Winter Detox. Biggest change: I am Diet Coke free and happy! I am also Whataburger and fries free and happy. Just lost my taste for both. Biggest surprise: I ate really good foods and felt full. Didn't have blood sugar issues. This is not a crazy all liquid type Detox. If you are ready to reign in "too much" of sugar, bad fats and processed foods, I definitely recommend Bobbi’s Detox!”

And after a second detox...

“The main thing I took away from the detox this time was the shake. I will do the next one too! I now have the water and the shake down. The detox works great with Weight Watchers too. All the foods, of course, are encouraged on the WW plan.”

Vinnie ate an extremely healthy diet, but had some stubborn health concerns that she wanted to address in a detox group. Here’s what she had to say 4-6 months later:

“Bobbi, I would like to take this time to thank you for truly making a huge change in my well-being.  I always have prided myself in eating well, but your knowledge of what certain foods provide has made a positive impact on my life.  Knowing the difference between which foods are considered a base versus those considered an acid has improved my acid reflux tremendously.  I have also taken your two-week liver detox program, modified it somewhat, and am trying to eat that way every day. This change, plus an increase in exercise, resulted in lowering my cholesterol to optimum levels, the first time in a very long time, with an added bonus of feeling more energetic. Thank you again for this life-long change.”

Uma asked if I could come to her children’s preschool to give a talk to a parents group that meets monthly.

“Bobbi, thank you so much for coming to Holy Name of Mary Montessori School and sharing your knowledge with our parents. You have inspired us to feed our children healthier food! Thank you also for all your tips and suggestions. We are touched by your generosity of time and energy to help educate young families. We are truly grateful!”

Deborah came into my detox group as a very healthy and knowledgeable participant. She was looking forward to having the group support.

“The Spring Detox with Bobbi was inspiring, fruitful and fun! She always emphasized the positive instead of focusing on what was not recommended. I feel stronger, clearer, and lighter after only two weeks and am now armed with practical knowledge to enable me to make healthy choices on a daily basis. I’m looking forward to joining another detox group next season.”

Carrie has been my most faithful detox participant and biggest cheerleader. It’s truly exciting to see how detox and healthy living has transformed her.

“I had thought that I was fairly knowledgeable about health and nutrition. I quickly learned how much I didn’t know. The detox, combined with Bobbi’s PraiseMoves classes has truly transformed my body, mind, and spirit, and has given me a new passion about health and fitness. I have an overall sense of wellbeing and a renewed confidence and energy level. I echo the comments of all in our group when I say that every aspect of my life has been changed for the better--and forever! Thank you, Bobbi, for this new passion in my life!”

Sarah C. came to her first group detox because a friend invited her. She didn’t know what to expect.

“As a former teacher, I was struck by Bobbi’s knowledge of the material she imparted to us. She is clear and concise in her presentations. I have learned so much in her detox groups. Her meetings were just masterful, not to mention delicious! I loved the healthful array of food she prepared and served to us. I learned that our bodies are special and should be treated accordingly. I especially enjoyed the daily emails, which contained quotes for the day, biblical affirmations, and recipes. Bobbi, you have changed my life!”

Evelyn is another loyal detoxer, having participated in my fall, winter and spring detoxes, as well as private consultations.

“I especially enjoyed being more in control of my eating and becoming more knowledgeable about what I’m eating. Now I try to shop for more organic products and healthier household cleaners, cosmetics, etc. Because of this, my entire household has been influenced. The most life-changing difference for me personally has been some suggestions that helped normalize my digestion and elimination systems. Bobbi, you do a great job and make the detox very doable.”

Dawn has participated in a semi-private detox as well as group detoxes. She has come a long way from her early days when her primary beverage was diet soda! 

“I learned a lot from detox--a better way to eat and a healthier way to live. The most important habit I picked up was drinking water. I used to never drink water at all. I feel I can become a better caretaker of myself now.”

Elizabeth L. has also done semi-private and group detoxes. She has been a very enthusiastic follower of detox.

“I have been on a lot of different diets. However, being on detox has been the best thing I ever did! I wish there was a group detox going on every month! (Maybe Bobbi will offer that soon.) I have learned so much from Bobbi, and I thank her for everything. Detox is another way of living AND a better way!”

Maureen loves to cook, and was a little skeptical about the type of food she would be able to enjoy on a detox.

“I loved the recipes Bobbi included in her daily emails. I found the knowledge and wisdom Bobbi has made the detox a very valuable experience.”

Nancy B. first sought my advice because her doctor wanted to put her on blood pressure medication. She has also participated in my detox groups and has periodic private consultations as well.

“I highly recommend Bobbi Mullins’ services for anyone interested in improving his or her overall health and well being.  When I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, I consulted with Bobbi to see if I could reduce it without using medicine.  She analyzed my diet and the supplements I was taking and recommended some additional vitamins and herbs.  After taking these for a few months, my blood pressure returned to normal levels, and I felt much more energetic. Needless to say, I have continued using her advice for many years, and have experienced very good health and vitality.”

Bettye M. had back problems for a number of years, and her ability to be active was significantly compromised.  After doing just one detox, she said:

“After finishing the detox I cleaned the house thoroughly, even rearranging the living room by myself and my back did not hurt. I felt better than I had for quite some time.

I  have to admit that I have fallen back into some bad habits -- we had company and I made several desserts which I ate, and now my back and joints are hurting again. I am starting back this week.”

Dene T.  already ate a pretty healthy diet, but wanted to get rid of those pesky sugar cravings that plague so many of us. Here’s what she said after completing 2, 12-day detoxes back-to-back.

“I wanted to do a detox for a couple of reasons: (1) to curb my cravings for cookies and chocolates esp. since thanksgiving and (2) to eat even healthier than what I’ve been doing  especially since I have cholesterol problem and a pre-hypertension problem.   I started the first round of detox in January.  Since I have always maintained a somewhat healthy diet, it was not such a major switch in my daily meal plans except that I was more conscious about including  items which were particularly good for detox.  I liked the recipes that Bobbi sent esp. hummus which was a BIG hit  with me and my children.  On the whole,  it was an enjoyable and a successful experience.  After  a few days, I noticed a big drop in my cravings for sweet things like cookies and chocolates etc.  I was able to watch my kids enjoy them without having the desire to eat them too.  In addition, I noticed that I was less tired esp. when driving back from work at around 4 or 5PM.  Since my first round of detox was successful by my measurement, I decided go for the second round in February.  I felt that the second round was even better because by this time, my diet had pretty much changed, eating more varieties of vegetables. I have more or less switched completely to organic food items.  Of course, I would be lying if I didn’t mention that I did have a setback here and there esp. when going out with friends. But every time that happened, I would return to my “detox path” the next day without a problem.  In general, I am feeling better about myself and less bloated.  Hopefully, I will also see better test results when I go back for my physical this spring!”

Carolyn G. was convinced by a friend to come to the detox, and she was glad she did! She said:

“Just wanted to let you know that I feel great after the detox! I am sleeping better and don’t have that 3:00 slump. I have also lost about 5 pounds. I am going to continue the detox regimen up to a point. Am looking forward to the spring detox and am bringing a friend as well.”

Beth G. was very skeptical, but desperate to cut sugar-cravings, so she gave detox a try.

“It has been a wonderful discovery to experience the better taste of organic, natural foods and to break from the sugar-laden foods. The most important thing I learned was the connection between stress and sugar cravings. I also love the way you incorporate the spiritual--very sensitive and authentic.”

T. O. has participated in many of my detoxes and other events.

“I always love your detoxes because there is always something new I learn each time. I have participated in about 10 detoxes (or more because I do them on my own sometimes) and you never fail to introduce some new gem that changes my life. For instance, in one detox you recommended nettle leaf tea and now both my husband and I have a cup everyday!  He swears by it and I feel it helps my PMS symptoms among other things. In this detox I noticed you have turmeric in the detox broth, which is a little used spice for me.  I know you recommended it to me in the past and now I can incorporate it in my diet over the next few weeks.  I look forward to trying it. 

“The biggest change is seeing my husband and my family adapt to many of the healthy recommendations you have made to me - herbal teas, super greens, flaxseed meal, eating more fruits and veggies, trying new grains,etc. We do these everyday and it's all thanks to you Bobbi!”  

D.H.  made some long-lasting changes after just one detox.

“Your detox experience has put my diet on the right track. It has made me think more about what I am eating and what my family is eating. It is hard to eat right 100% of the time, but the key change is that I am more conscious about the choices I am making. I would like to do another detox soon!”

S. and T. S. have both been following my seasonal detoxes from afar.

“As you can see I seem to become a "habitue". I love your recipes very much! I collect them. I find them very delicious and easy to do. They are a bit out of the usual. That’s what I like about them. The ones which I especially like from the summer detox are the soup with mangoes and coconut milk and the rice with lentils and spinach and mushrooms. You are very creative in mixing things, this is a good input for me as I do not always have good ideas about what to cook. So I am glad if it is not complicated and still good tasting. You are a very talented cook and your recipes are really healthy and consist of good nutrients.

"I now have winter, summer, and fall cookbooks. (I missed spring, but I still can do that one next year, hopefully).

"Even if I will not follow your detox in detail this time, I have taken over some very good habits since I follow your publications. I drink a smoothie every morning (so does my husband). I have been able to reduce coffee, and I drink lots of water. I also try to eat a fruit instead of something sweet. Although I have to admit I can still make improvements on sweets, they are definitely my weakness. So you see step by step you help us to improve our eating habits towards a more healthy diet.”



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