The importance of friendship

You might believe from my posts that the most important element of good health is what you eat. So today, I just want to remind you that relationships are also important. Spending time with friends -- laughing, sharing, and eating together -- is food for the soul and healing for the heart. 

For Presidents' Day, I took Mie, my Danish daughter, to New York City, something she has long dreamt of doing. It was risky. Flying in February to and from NYC through Chicago is not the most prudent thing to do. There are many opportunities for miserable weather and delays. However, God was good to us and we traveled betwixt and between bad weather areas and days. It was even a balmy 60 degrees our first full day in the city!

The best part of the trip (for me anyway) was the chance to stay and spend time with a very close friend and her family. Nancy has a daughter just a year younger than Mie. They both took time off from work and school to lavish us with tremendous hospitality. We not only had a great time seeing the sights and shows, but we were also able to laugh at ourselves as we argued over which direction was north, as we debated where to eat, and as we bumped into and pushed back on the crowds of tourists and busy New Yorkers on the streets.

We were on the go from morning to evening, but even so, my stress level was down simply from the healing power of laughter and friendship. As you travel on your journey toward good health, remember the value in spending time with friends!

I'd like to share a few pictures from our trip. I hope you had a pleasant Presidents' Day weekend spending a little extra time with the people you love. If not, make it a point the next time you have a day off!


Grand Central Station


My dear friend Nancy and the 2 girls


Mie and I at Rockefeller Center


On the boat tour as we're between the Brooklyn and Williamsburg Bridges


Of course, the Statue of Liberty!


We spent a few moments in silence at the awesome and moving 

Ground Zero Memorial.


And sometimes, you just need to live a little and worry about it later!

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