What is PraiseMoves®?

PraiseMoves® is a Christian alternative to yoga that incorporates scripture with stretching and strengthening postures. Each posture has a Biblical name and a corresponding Bible verse, on which we meditate as we hold the posture. Classes can vary, but they typically begin with a short, low impact or stretching warm-up, followed by a standing series and a floor series.  There are over 130 postures, so don’t worry about getting bored! Sometimes, I add aerobic intervals and/or weight training segments, as I try to tailor my classes to meet the needs of those taking them. Scroll down to see some postures demonstrated.

In addition, there are over 100 Scripture Sequences. These are longer scriptures and prayers to which a number of postures have been connected to produce a flow-through movement. We often include one or more Scripture Sequences in our classes, depending on the length and theme of the session. We always end the PraiseMoves® class with a period of rest, relaxation, and meditation on a devotional or scripture reading.

PraiseMoves® Gold is an alternative version that provides modifications for seniors or those with limited mobility. It’s also a great class for beginners and those who have done little stretching or exercise in the past. Modifications can include the use of a chair and options for all standing postures, to avoid getting up and down from the floor, which can be difficult for some people.

I recently got certified to teach the brand new PraiseKicks® program! PraiseKicks® takes kickboxing to a new level. As we review each move, we also learn an empowering Bible verse that goes with it. Then we combine moves into a high energy workout. I’ve been adding this to my PraiseMoves® warmups, for those who are interested in burning a few more calories. We can go easy, or amp it up—your choice.

PraiseMoves® postures and Scripture Sequences are under copyright, and PraiseMoves® is a Registered Trademark of PraiseMoves, LLC.

 Private PraiseMoves® and Combo Classes via Skype

  • 30-minute INTRODUCTORY private class: $15 special rate!
  • 40-minute private class: $25
  • 60-minute private class: $35
Skype Classes

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Here’s a sampling of postures, including some of the Hebrew Letter postures:

The Fountain posture is more advanced than the Vine, and is not for everyone. To do the Fountain, the hips and thighs are not on the floor (or beach, in this case). The weight is in the hands and the tops of the feet. Your hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, legs, feet, and gluteals will be strengthened. Be sure to pull in the belly button to support the lower back. All of the core muscles are also engaged to prevent your body from sinking at the lower back, which would put too much pressure on that area. Pull the shoulders blades down and together as you press your shoulders down away from the ears. In short, this posture is a full body workout! I like to follow this move with the Little Child. Don’t do this posture if you have lower back problems.

This forward bend is a great stretch for the back of the legs including the hamstrings, calves, and all the way through the Achilles tendon. It also stretches the hip joints and back muscles. Many people have difficulty with the forward bend if they spend long periods of time in a seated position (and who doesn’t these days?). However, those who run or walk a lot without stretching can also have very tight hamstrings, which pull the pelvis back and the tailbone under, creating a rounded, slumped posture. Once you roll down into The Prayer Shawl, concentrate on tilting the pelvis forward (and the tailbone up). It’s okay if you can’t straighten your legs at first.

The Angel stretches the calves, works the core, strengthens the entire body, and improves balance. If you can’t bring your body parallel to the ground, just lean forward as much as you can, keeping the back leg in line with your spine, so your body is in a straight line from your fingers to your toes. Need more of a challenge? Do the balancing posture on the sand as the waves rush over your standing foot. Yikes! That’s hard!

Check out more postures below: