Exercise and Fitness classes

PraiseMoves Classes – Christian alternative to yoga.
Combined Fitness –  Teaching private and semi-private classes that combine PraiseMoves with weight training and intervals, all via Skype, in the privacy of your own home.
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personal trainer insurance

Personal Trainer Insurance Provided Through IDEA

Seasonal Detoxes

The “Complete Guide to a Detox Lifestyle” is composed of 4 different seasonal approaches to incorporate dietary improvements and to learn how to minimize toxin exposure on a daily basis. By following a detox plan each season, you will have the tools you need to fully revamp your diet and lifestyle at the end of one year! Learn more here.

Private Nutritional Training

Initial Session (60-90 minutes) in-person or by telephone or Skype – $75
We will go over your completed health questionnaire and food diary, then set up overall goals and first steps.

  Follow-ups (30-45 minutes) in-person or by telephone or Skype – $35
Each follow-up reinforces and builds upon the original overall goals.

   One month package (Initial evaluation first week, plus 3 follow-ups in remaining 3 weeks) – $165 ($15 discount)

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