Crawl like a baby


I recently became a grandmother for the first time! It’s interesting to watch my little grandson as he lifts up his head during tummy time and figures out how to turn over. He’s in constant movement, even while he sleeps. 

This little one is actually teaching me a lot about movement and strength. Lying on his tummy he moves his arms and legs back and forth, not quite sure why he’s not moving, but intent on trying anyway. It won’t be long before he’s crawling all over the place.

It turns out that crawling is not just for babies, but it’s a great exercise for adults as well—on many levels. What it does for babies, it can do for grownups, too. According to the American Council on Fitness:

1. Crawling helps link the right and left sides of the brain, building neural connections and helping coordination and learning.

2. Crawling stimulates and strengthens the shoulder complex, adding flexibility and stability at the same time.

3. Crawling strengthens the hands and improves dexterity. 

4. Crawling builds core strength, supporting the back and good posture.

5. Crawling stretches and strengthens the hip complex, which is tight from sitting far too much.

Well, I don’t know if I’ll start crawling around the gym, but if you see me crawling around my house, don’t worry about my mental state. I’m just doing my exercises! 


Klika, B. “Why Crawling Fixes Everything.” American Council of Fitness. January 2018.

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