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I recently got certified to teach the brand new PraiseKicks® program! PraiseKicks® takes kickboxing to a new level. As we review each move, we also learn an empowering Bible verse that goes with it. Then we combine moves into a high energy workout. Ive been adding this to my PraiseMoves warmups, for those who are interested in burning a few more calories. We can go easy, or amp it up—your choice. Please contact me if you want more information—or sign up for a Skype class and see for yourself!

Private Skype classes now underway: continue praising God through movement with me, regardless of where you live! 


PraiseMoves® and Combo Classes:

30-minute INTRODUCTORY private class: $15 special rate!

40-minute private class: $25

60-minute private class: $35

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Skype Classes

This is an amazing price for a private session! I design your class based on your needs, wishes, and limitations. Ask around, and you’ll see that a private yoga class or personal trainer goes for $50-$100 a pop! 

Improve your strength, flexibility and balance while sharpening your mind and uplifting your spirit! Email me if you’re interested. I will try to work around your schedule.

If you and a friend or 2 want to take a Skype class together, I can discuss my prices based on the total number. It’s a great way to have personalized attention at a reduced per person rate. Email me for more information.

Contact me if you would like a demo or want to schedule me for classes in the Raleigh area. I’m happy to teach at local retreats too.

Also, you can order DVDs here:

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