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So, I figured it was time for me to start some top 5 lists of my own! Top 5’s are perfect for those of us with little time or short attention spans, like me.


Although there are numerous soups out there that tantalize my taste buds, and many more I haven’t even tried yet, I have my trusty favorites. I disqualified chili and stew to make it a little easier to decide, but even with that limitation, I struggled over which ones to eliminate. You might be surprised or even shocked by my list, but these are truly soups I love to make and eat, and I feel healthy doing so! 

I hope you’ll share your top 5 soups with me by leaving a comment on my Facebook post. Next, share my post on your page. If you do, I’ll send you recipes for these soups! 


So, my top 5 are based on 1) ease of preparation 2) taste, and 3) health benefits. I’ve organized the soups by how often I prepare them, starting with the least often. This ranking has nothing to do with which ones I like best, since I could NEVER decide that!


#5 - Vietnamese Pho

This is a little complex, so I don’t cook it often. I did come up with a simplified version, which is almost as good as the real thing! If you get a chance to go to Oklahoma City they have some of the best Pho restaurants around, and plenty of them!


#4 – Thai Coconut Soup

Here’s another beautifully complex yet delicate soup, abounding in flavor. My recipe is a take-off on Tom Kha Gai found in all Thai restaurants. I’m still looking for a Thai restaurant that does it as well as a place in NY I used to frequent. For now, I’ll stick to mine!


#3 – Southwest Pumpkin Soup

If you love cumin, you’ll love this warming, fall soup. It’s about time for me to make it again! A great comfort soup.


#2 – Lentil Soup

This is probably my favorite soup to make and eat. Quick, cheap, easy, crowd pleaser. Need I say more?


#1 – Split Pea Soup

Believe it or not, this was my kids’ favorite soup growing up and it’s still what they ask for when they come to visit!

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