The Good Things (in our lives)

My parents have a sign in their house that reads, “The Best Things in Life are Not Things!”  I thought of that sign at the Body & Soul Fitness workshop I attended this past weekend. The theme for the session is, “The Good Things.” I was reminded to focus on the Good Things in life. And that means people, events, and cherished memories, not necesssarily things.

This has been a period of much good in my life, and one of the most outstanding has to be the marriage of my daughter to a terrific young man at the Santa Barbara Zoo! In addition to family and firends, we invited flamingoes and giraffes as well!

giraffe with R&N

ellson huron clan

You can see more photos below, but getting back to this theme from my workshop, The Good Things… 

Although I’ve been taking a break from teaching DanceBlast during this busy time in my life, I still enjoy connecting with the wonderful women who are involved in the Body & Soul Fitness ministry. This past weekend was my first time to attend the Southeast conference here in Raleigh where I now live, and I was not disappointed! I miss my Body & Soul sisters in Oklahoma, but look forward to developing new friendships with some of the fun ladies I met here. 

The Spring 2014 theme, The Good Things, is based on the song Every Good Thing, by the Afters. Listen to a clip here. You might want to check out the Body & Soul website and see if there are any classes near you!

Jeannie Blocher, founder of Body & Soul explains the theme in her short devotional book:

In a world that brings new challenges every day it is sometimes hard to focus on what is GOOD. We can get distracted and discouraged. We need to surround ourselves with people and activities that lift us up and help us gain perspective… This session we encourage you to be intentional about thinking about the GOOD things, one day at a time, one moment at a time.

I confess, this sounds like me! I get distracted so easily. Sometimes I focus on the negative, forgetting to take note of all the good things. During workshop, we were encouraged to share with others something good that happened that very morning. This exercise was harder than it seems. After all, we’d been at workshop most of the day. We hadn’t had time to do much of anything else. But I had no trouble at all! 

This weekend, not only was I able to attend an incredible workshop, but some dear friends were in town visiting us from New York. I was reminded how important close friends are. They’ve stood by us like Jeannie suggested, lifting us up and helping us gain perspective. Their words were like a soothing balm to our souls! And you will never appreciate that more than when you’ve moved to a place where you know no one! 

Also, at our daughter’s wedding, my husband and I shared a house with some great friends and family members. Once again, the laughter, hugs, long talks, and silent mornings sipping coffee together kept everything in perspective even in the midst of a wedding!

There are “friends” who destroy each other, but a real friend sticks closer than a brother.  Proverbs 18:24

And there are brothers (and other relatives) who stick closer than friends!  I am so thankful for my family too! 

Many of our guests from both the bride’s and groom’s side had to battle sickness, weather, flight cancellations and other obstacles to share our daughter’s wedding day with us.  I’m grateful to each and every one who made the effort to join us, and for those who could not make it but were with us in thought and spirit! The people in our lives are part of the GOOD THINGS with whom God blesses us during our stay in this world! I hope you enjoy this wedding album!

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