Summer Harvest in My Little Garden Plot



When we moved into our new townhouse in Raleigh, I immediately started thinking about adding a vegetable garden. The backyard is TINY, unlike our previous 2 homes, but that didn’t stop me. Here’s what I had to work with. 


We moved in last year right after Labor Day, and in October I used some flattened moving boxes to create a garden plot for the following season. I laid the boxes on top of the grass, then I covered it with mulch. If you look closely along the left side, you can see a patch of brown, my vegetable garden-to-be. 

When spring rolled around, the grass was dead and the mulch had begun to break down. I added composted cow manure and some good garden soil to the plot. I decided I’d try an assortment of crops and see what did well and what did not. 

So far, most of my plants are thriving.


I learned that radishes must be planted in early spring or fall. I picked two before it got too hot.


I picked one eggplant before the Japanese beetles ate up the plant, so I’ll have to rethink that for next year. 


Note to self: my vine plants need a lot more room, since they are all growing like weeds. I finally found a tiny cucumber.


Then, I went away for a week and I came home to 5 large cukes like this!


What do you do with all of those cucumbers? Try my Tomato Cucumber Basil Tower. I layered these 3 items, drizzled balsamic vinegar and olive oil over it, then sprinkled feta chesse around the plate. So pretty!


There are a few peppers, but not as many as I would have expected. (They’re a lot bigger now, but still haven’t turned red like they should.)


The yellow cherry tomatoes have been great, and I’ve just picked the first few pods of my strange-looking Asian green beans.


Currently I have about 3 spaghetti squash and a lot of yellow squash blossoms. I might need to find a recipe for the blossoms, and yes, you can eat squash blossoms. I had them with a soufflé once when I was in Italy. (See item next to the soufflé.)


How about some Squash Blossom Quesidillas or Squash Blossom Soup? Here’s a website that offers 5 cool ways to prepare squash blossoms. Don’t get stuck with hundreds of zucchinis to give away. Pick some of the blossoms and impress your family and friends with an elegant and unusual side dish!

Now, get out there and build a garden! There are plenty of veggies you can plant for a late fall harvest too. More on that later, if and when I get my fall garden plot built.

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