Spring Fasting


Mie (my Danish foreign exchange student) and I are now on Day 7 of our own Spring Cleaning Detox. What's really nice about the way I put the detox together, is that you can begin whenever you want, although the links will expire at the end of April. You can also choose whether you want to include a fasting day or not. So, Mie and I both decided we'd do a fast together and support each other on a day when there would be few temptations. Sunday seemed like the perfect time, so here we are!

We've been drinking lots of water, some detox teas, and my special detox drink pictured above. The recipe can be found in my Spring Detox E-Quipment Kit. I've been "practicing" for this 36-hour fast by doing a few 16- hour fasts overnight from 8pm to 12 noon over the last few months. Even so, it's pretty hard to do! Luckily, I can reflect on my previous successes and gain strength knowing that I've succeeded before. Mie is being very strong!The benefits of fasting make it worthwhile. 

What benefits? Clearer skin and eyes; reduction of tummy fat and bloating; better concentration; and a sense of deep relaxation. Of course, the relaxed feeling might have something to do with the long luxurious bath I took today. Mie and I attended a fabulous church service, worked out together, went for a walk, and spent time reading. Now, it's time to curl up on my couch and watch a movie while sipping on a little detox broth.

I feel like I'm getting a complete, holistic detox, and I'm so grateful to have a day that I can devote to my own self-care. I highly recommend it!

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