Six Simple Steps for the New Year

The older I get, and the faster the years fly by, the more often I find myself wondering where the year went and what I accomplished. I admit it, I've had a few anxiety attacks and sleepless nights with these questions weighing on my mind, and I doubt that I'm alone. 

That's probably why I have dozens of emails in my inbox telling me what resolutions to make and how to keep them. Even Pope Francis got into the game! And, for every one of those emails, I have others telling me why I should not make resolutions at all. So, what should I do?

I'm focusing on six areas in my life and coming up with just one goal I want to reach this year in each area. As I identify each goal, I'm writing down a few specific ways I intend to accomplish them and deadlines for doing so. They'll be printed out and posted on the bulletin board I keep above my desk. 

I'll talk about my goals over the course of 2015 and would love to hear about yours too.

1. Work: Name my top work project to complete this year. Come up with short-term steps for doing so. (This one's easy- it's my cookbook!)

2. Physical: Name one change I want to make regarding my physical health. This could focus on an activity, diet or a specific health issue. This should be something that is challenging but realistic. 

3. Spiritual: Identify one way to build up my faith, learn more about my faith, connect more regularly with God, or otherwise nourish my spiritual side.

4. Creative: Choose one way to express my creative side, whether it be through art, music, writing (not including my cookbook), sewing, or some other avenue. Personally, I'm feeling the need to create something artistic that has nothing to do with my cookbook, so cooking is not one of my options. It could be one of yours.

5. Relationships: Identify a person or group of people with whom I'd like to build or mend my relationship. This could be a spouse, parents, children, friends, co-workers, etc. I know it will be hard to choose just one. Living in a new town like I do, I want to build new friendships but not neglect the important other relationships in my life.

6. Intellectual: How can I sharpen my mind this year? What intellectual endeavor do I want to undertake? This might overlap with work, spiritual or creative, but should be a separate goal. No cheating by combining two!

As I think about these six steps, I remind myself to keep it simple. Of course, I'll have other projects that come up and other relationships that require attention. But, I want to address those without taking my eyes off the main goals.

At the end of this year, I plan to hold a list in my hand, which I can use to remind myself that yes, I did accomplish quite a lot in 2015!

I hope you'll join me in this exercise and let me know how you're doing as you work through your six simple steps for 2015. You can comment on my Facebook page or just send me an email. Let’s encourage one another!

By Bobbi Mullins, January 2015

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