Reflections upon completing a detox… 


Yesterday was a day of reflecting. Mie (the foreign exchange student living with me this year) and I finished our 12 days of detox Friday night. Saturday morning, I had my usual detox smoothie anyway and actually ate about the same way as usual for most of the day. I did splurge by eating a few of the Chocolate Pom Bons I made the other day to feature in my February newsletter. I'll blog more about those healthy, yummy treats in my next entry.

It was such a gorgeous February day that I finally decided to take Mie to see the main tourist site in OKC: The OKC Memorial from the 1995 bombing. What a perfect day for it! I love the big blue Oklahoma skies we get to enjoy most of the time! There wasn't a cloud anywhere to be seen, which is perfect for reflections. (Unfortunately, we pay for it with droughts.) As we walked along the Reflecting Pool and viewed the Field of Empty Chairs, our hearts were broken once again by all of the needless violence that occurs in the world. It reminds me of how imperfect mankind is, myself included. However, I am extremely blessed and grateful for all of the love I've been showered with in my life. I have a wonderful family, supportive friends, a great job, a beautiful place to live, and a God who comforts me. I am also blessed with the opportunity to host a sweet high school student from Denmark named Mie, as she experiences life in Oklahoma!

As I mentioned in the beginning, Mie joined me for Twelve Days of Detox that we just finished up. I really like the way I've put the package together this year, in that everything is included and you can begin whenever it works best for you. We chose to begin on Martin Luther King Day, primarily because I needed to get my mind around it and have time to go shopping and get prepared. (See earlier posts.) I thought it might be really hard to do since I'm so busy juggling a number of balls in the air, but it worked out well. Being prepared is the key to success! 

But enough from me. Of course I'm going to say good things about my own detox! I want you to hear from Mie about her experience. Detox can work for anyone, even a high school student. Here's what Mie had to say in her own words.

My name is Mie. I’m 17 years old and a senior in high school. I just finished the detox yesterday with my host mom Bobbi, and I want to tell you how a girl in high school feels about it.


The first day of my detox, two of my friends invited me to Braum’s for ice cream. As I kept trying to say, “No, I can’t have that!” and so on, they kept pressuring me to go with them anyway. That was a big challenge for me because I love ice cream, but I didn’t buy or eat anything. I just sat there looking at them eating ice cream and fries. It was hard, but it was a great feeling afterwards.


I think the detox was a big challenge for me, because I love sugar and that’s something you have to give up. On top of that I also chose to go gluten free, and I love bread and pasta too! So there was much I couldn’t eat, which was good because it limited my intake of unhealthy foods. The good thing was that there was also so much great, healthy food I could eat. I didn’t have to starve like you do in some diets.


With the detox I lost weight even though I ate plenty of food. I feel lighter and healthier. After 12 days without gluten and sugar, I’m not even craving it that much, because like with everything else it’s a habit to have sugar and other stuff that is bad for you. I’m really happy that I did the detox. It taught me a lot of things about my mind and body. I really can eat healthy and feel better. I can say, “No!” to my friends. It proved to me that what I choose to eat is my choice, and I want to continue to make better choices now. I plan to continue eating gluten free (most of the time) and only eat ice cream once a week if at all. If I can do a detox, you can too!



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