Preparing for the winter detox


Just like you, I have to make a firm commitment to start my detox. If I wait for the perfect time, it never happens. So, this weekend I went to the grocery store and stocked up on certain items I need. Tomorrow (Sunday) I'll make my detox broth and then I'll actually start the detox on Monday. 

I always recommend getting the detox E-Kit with handouts at least one week before you want to start so you’ll have time to read through them, especially if it’s your first time to follow one. Each seasonal detox is built on the same principles, but varies according to the foods in season, needs of the body as the seasons change, and just for fun.

The winter detox or the Twelve Days of Detox is my favorite one. Coming out of the holiday feasting season and into January (the month of resolutions), I'm always more motivated to clean up my act! And it really doesn't matter how healthy or unhealthy your typical diet is, it can always be improved!

Watch for upcoming posts as I follow my own detox recommendations. I'm looking forward to sharing my experiences with you!


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