Planning the Easter Table

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Today's the day for final shopping and preparations for my Easter dinner. In a way, I feel like I'm doing the whole Easter thing backwards. During Lent, I gave up some time in the morning for prayer and devotions, but I did not give up any food as many people do. However, the Monday following Easter, I plan to start my Spring Cleaning Detox during which I'll give up a number of foods and really focus on cleansing and purifying my body. 

I have typically tried to detox during Lent, ending today. This year I knew it would be too difficult with a houseguest (my cousin) for the month of March, another guest for 12 days in March and a spring break trip in March for my foreign exchange student who's living me for the entire school year. I have to say, I'm looking forward to the detox! Honestly, I always feel so much better after resetting my body through a gentle dietary detox. 

Since I'm doing things backwards, I figured I might as well share my plan for Easter dessert first! I wanted something fresh and light, but still satisfying for everyone's sweet tooth. I also wanted something that could be finished off on Easter so there would be no temptations during our detox. I settled on a Pavlova. It's a beautiful addition to the Easter table!

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We'll also serve some traditional (not so healthy) Easter foods. It's important to enjoy your family gatherings, and family food favorites play a major role. Since I have a number of houseguests with me this Easter, I'm trying to let each person have a say. So, this year we’ll have a smoked ham (from a local meat place), Mie's Danish scalloped potatoes, my cousin's favorite asparagus with tomatoes, my carrot salad, and of course, Pavlova for dessert. We might even have a few chocolate Easter eggs…but not too many!


Go here for my recipe: PAVLOVA

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