Petticoats, Patent Leather, and Pavlova - Easters Past and Present


I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter! It brings back some of my very happiest memories. 

I remember my grandparents giving me and my brother a sugar Easter egg with a scene inside. I was thrilled, until I tried to eat it. I don’t know how they make them now, but those eggs were for decoration only! And how about that petticoat! My brother’s jacket was pretty sharp too! Ah, those were the days!

Bobbi's old easter pix

As I grew older, the petticoats grew a little less stiff, and we added some grown-up gloves! Every Easter I got new patent leather Mary Janes and little socks with lace. If I had only saved those glasses, I’d still be stylish today! I can actually remember when my mom made that dress. It was always one of my favorites!

Bobbi's old easter pix - Version 2

And of course, I have wonderful memories of dressing up my own kids in their Easter clothes… even if they weren’t thrilled.

JPEG 0434

Rebecca was a real trooper! I even convinced her to wear a bonnet and gloves one year! What ever happened to ladies’ gloves, anyway?

JPEG 0521

Of course, it’s really all about the hunt!

JPEG 0430

And the eating…

JPEG 0444

And dying eggs…

JPEG 0100

We got very creative over the years!


One year the kids had to piece together a puzzle and solve the riddle to find their special treasure:

JPEG 0722

…which, they had to keep away from the dog. No chocolate bunnies for pups!

JPEG 0723

What about those flowers! Some years were spectacular!

JPEG 0720
JPEG 0724

I got to celebrate Easter all over again with my foreign exchange student who had never dyed eggs before:


Or been on an Easter egg hunt!


Of course, the meal is always a highlight too, from start…

to finish.



But most important, Easter is about the resurrection! Let us not forget that all the fun is part of a bigger celebration of the life of Jesus, and our reconciliation with God through the cross! May you be filled with joy about the good news of Easter every day of the year!


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