Perplexed by my Pretty Purple Eggplants

Have you ever experienced that moment of truth, after unpacking the bags of produce from the farmer's market? You know, that point in time when you say to yourself, "What was I thinking? How am I going to cook and eat all of this?"

Well, I almost always have that moment, and the other day was no exception. Case in point:  EGGPLANTS

There were so many interesting varieties at the farmer's market that I just couldn't resist. Come on now. You'd do the same thing, right? Just look:


DSCN1817 - Version 2


So, I placed my tiny treasures on a plate, the better to admire them.


But, really, I hate to waste good food, so I decided to cook them up. These are too fine for heavy eggplant parmesan. What to do?

I sliced them, seasoned them and sautéed them, and voila! Melt in your mouth morsels! You too can make these in no time!

Slice and salt:


Sprinkle with yeast and cornmeal (or flaxseed since I was out of cornmeal):


Sauté them:


Serve them up!





Assorted small, narrow eggplants of various colors and varieties. 

Nutritional yeast

Ground organic cornmeal 

Salt and pepper 

Sunflower oil 

Slice eggplants in half lengthwise and salt generously. Let sit for 20-30 minutes. This helps take out any bitterness. Sprinkle with yeast and cornmeal. Salt and pepper either now or after you've tasted a cooked one.


Heat oil on medium heat and add eggplants, cut side down.


Sauté until browned, then flip over. Continue cooking until soft.

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