Out of the ordinary comfort food for a Meatless Monday Meal



It’s another Meatless Monday, and I’m in need of some soul-satisfying comfort food. However, I’m not a big fan of Mac and Cheese. It’s okay, but too heavy. However, I still want something more substantial than soup and of course, no meat!

Going through some of my favorite recipes, I ran across Kasha Varnishkas. This is a classic Jewish dish that’s every bit as good as homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, whether you’re sick or not!

First, cook up some bow tie pasta (regular or gluten free). I don’t know why, but bow ties are the typical shape used. 

DSCN4887 - Version 2

Next, beat the eggs and stir in the buckwheat groats (aka kasha).


Sauté* a chopped onion in butter (not oil) and add the buckwheat/egg mixture. Cook and stir until egg is done. Add some broth and cover. Simmer until the kasha is cooked.


Add the pasta.


To serve, stir in some chopped parsley.

This meal is strangely delicious and comforting. In fact, it’s almost addicting!

PS - I have a few ideas for variations that I’ll be trying out soon, so stay tuned! 

Recipe for Kasha Varnishkas

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