Oh What a Glorious Day in Oklahoma!

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It was a harrowing month of May here in Oklahoma, with numerous hail storms, high winds and tornadoes, as most of you already know. However, once the storms are past we get these glorious days with clear blue skies, cool air, and low humidity. Today was one of those days!

May was also a busy time for me. My foreign exchange student had a very full calendar as well. We went to the senior awards day, the high school performing arts banquet, and graduation. I took Mie to numerous year-end parties and we had a big one for her as well--to celebrate her graduation and birthday, and to say good-bye.


Ice cream is healthy, right?


And then, we had to celebrate Mie's true 18th birthday and last night in the US at the Devon Tower, as a tornado headed our way. We had to huddle for about an hour in between the stairwells, but we got to finish our fantastic meal! The view was stunning, as was Mie!


We said our final teary-eyed farewells at the airport. I'll miss my Danish daughter, but I will definitely plan to visit someday!


Luckily, the weather was perfect the very next morning after the tornadoes and her flight left ON TIME! What a blessing!

The weather continued to be glorious today and I spent most of it working outside, eating outside, talking on the phone outside… you get the idea. It's important to enjoy the good weather when it's here. The birds were thrilled that I had filled the gardens with flowers and the birdfeeders with food. I was able to sit on my back patio with a cup of tea, enjoying the work of my hands and listening to a symphony of bird music. Don't forget to take time to relax and appreciate God's glorious creation!


P.S. This is all bent out of shape from being tossed on the ground during the tornado that touched down about a mile from my house on May 19th. The birds don't seem to care.

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