Mistakes in the Kitchen


I must admit, I make more mistakes in the kitchen than I’d like to reveal. Some make little difference and are easy to rectify. Others are happy mistakes that turn out very well. Then, there are the times when the mistakes are just plain bad!

The other day I made one of those bad mistakes. As is usually the case when I foul up a recipe, I was doing too many things at once and wasn’t paying attention. It started with my Lentil Salad recipe, which is so easy, there’s almost no way you can ruin it! Almost.

Things were going well as I sliced the green onions…


and the celery…

DSCN8654 - Version 2

I combined these with the other ingredients…


And finally added the capers and other seasonings…


Then I ate some. :(

I couldn’t understand what happened! I had a coughing fit, triggered by way too much black pepper! What had I done? Had I added the pepper twice by accident? But the salad also had a strange flavor that I couldn’t identify. Then it occurred to me that I should look more carefully at the bottle of capers…


Oops! Green peppercorns???? No wonder!

So, my next step was to pick them all out. It’s amazing how many peppercorns are in a tablespoon! To make matters more difficult they were about the same size, color and shape as the lentils I had chosen (black lentils). Can you find them?


There are 2 in this photo that are fairly obvious. Do you see them now?


Well, I finally got most of them out. I ate the rest with only a few fits of coughing. Next time I will pay more attention and choose the right bottle!


The salad was very good once I eliminated the peppercorns. It turned out that I had accidentally bought peppercorns instead of capers, so I had to eat the salad without any capers. It was still very tasty, so feel free to leave them out if you prefer. Just don’t use peppercorns!


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