Mexican Themed Super Bowl


I usually make my Super Bowl Chili for, you guessed it, Super Bowl. But sometimes I’m in the mood for a change. If you are too, try my Green Chicken Posole Soup and create a Mexican-themed menu.

Most of these ingredients are easy to find, but the canned tomatillos are not. I bought them at Whole Foods, which no longer carries them. Doing a search online, I discovered that they can be found at Walmart, at least in some areas. Or, you can try a good Hispanic market or order them from numerous online food resources.

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Of course, you could also buy fresh tomatillos, but they’re a hassle. Just like pumpkin. Yes, fresh pumpkin is probably better, but in my view not worth the trouble. That’s how I feel about tomatillos. If you can find some without salt, even better! When using so many canned products you’ll definitely want to wait and add salt at the end, only if you need more. (I know, BPA linings and all, but hopefully you’re not living on canned goods.) 

This recipe is easy to make. Use frozen greens instead of fresh to make it more quickly.

Smells great, simmering on the stove!


I topped it with some avocado and served cheese and crackers on the side. My husband, who is not a big fan of soup for dinner, said this was his favorite!

The recipe filled my 4-quart saucepan as shown in the photo. It makes about 14 cups, enough for 7-14 people, depending on the serving size.

If you’re looking for a Mexican-themed Super Bowl Party, or just something different, give this one a try! 

Green Chicken Posole Recipe

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Go Panthers!

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