Merry Christmas and Glaadelig Jul!


I’m sitting in front of the fireplace (pictured above) with laptop on lap. We’re watching Lord of the Rings (and switching back and forth to football games) in preparation for an outing to see the Hobbit later this week. My daughter, Rebecca, is seated on the love seat with her iPad in hand. Mie, my foreign exchange student, is on the other love seat working on her iPad. My son, Greg is in view, sitting at a desk and playing a game on his laptop.

We’re enjoying the aroma of garlic wafting through the house, as one of my family’s favorite dishes cooks in the oven--Portuguese Chicken. Greg helped me make the Buche de Noel this year, a Christmas tradition since my high school French teacher made it for us and gave us the recipe, which I might decide to share later... it’s not exactly healthy!

This is a time of combining the old (traditional foods) with the new (hanging out together while multi-tasking on our electronics). I’ve learned to accept it and even embrace it. In the end, it feels good just to be sitting in the same room with my kids.

Tomorrow, on Christmas Eve, my extended family will all come over for a big Mexican lunch, with traditional tamales, and an assortment of other Mexican dishes. Rebecca, the queen of guacamole, will make her masterpiece for the meal. Mie will present appetizers of kippers on crackers. My mother will make her traditional peanut brittle and divinity. It will be an interesting combination of American, French, Mexican, and Danish cuisine!

So from all of the countries represented--





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