How to dry and store herbs from your garden.

storing herbs

I don’t know what most appealed to me the first time I bought a jar of Paromi tea—the tea or the jar. In the end, it doesn’t really matter since I love them both.

These high quality teas are a special treat, and this blend called “Sleep with Me’ is my new nighttime favorite. But honestly I bought it because I had found a great way to use the jars. 

Each year throughout the summer and fall, I pick some of my herbs and bring them in to dry. I give them a good cleaning:


And spread them out to air dry:


I use some herbs, like the tarragon and chives above, in herb butters that I freeze and pull out bit by bit over the winter.


Others I bundle up with a rubber band or wire…


then tie them inside a paper bag to catch the leaves:


I hang them in my pantry until completely dried:


Now we get to the cool part! I store them in my empty Paromi jars! 

I used to mark the jars with regular chalk, which is nice since you can wipe it off and change it easily, but that’s also the problem. The name would eventually wipe off, and I’d have to open the jar and sniff (or look) to see what was inside:


I finally made it more permanent with a handy little liquid chalk marker. If I want to change the label, it wipes off with a damp cloth. My herbs are stored in these dark containers that are not only attractive, but also keep herbs safe from harmful light. And, I even get to be a little artistic as I decorate them.

If you plan ahead, make extra jars and dry additional herbs to give as gifts for the holidays.


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