Healing power of companionship and celebrations.


Do you know what’s really good for your health? I do! Spending time with your kids, even when they’re all grown up!

All the green smoothies and high-intensity workouts in the world can’t make me feel as energetic and joyful as a hug and a smile from my now adult children! 

In early May, my son graduated from college in Atlanta. Before leaving the campus, we got a last chance for photo ops with the GA Tech mascots…


Dad says good-bye to the Ramblin’ Wreck!


Greg says good-bye to Buzz Bee.

We took advantage of the glorious weather by squeezing in a quick tour of the Atlanta Botanical Gardens….


Grandparents show they’re not afraid of the ogre!


The guys show they are just as smart as monkeys, or even smarter.


See? My son-in-law can read too!


My daughter says hello to the unicorn.


There was so much more to see, but it’s time to get ready for graduation!


It’s true! He’s now a GA Tech graduate!


So happy my kids still love each other!


Time for a celebratory meal with my son’s favorite girl (after me of course). 

Then, we headed for the hills to enjoy a week of family time. Joined by my parents and my daughter and son-in-law, we had a wonderful mini-reunion/vacation.

Today’s blog is not specifically about food, fitness or faith, but rather the healing power of family. Yes, we did eat healthy meals and got some great exercise hiking through the woods, but perhaps the best part was just being close to each other and praising God for his awesome creation and the blessing that family brings.

I hope you enjoy these photos, and I pray that you’ll have a chance for some relaxing family time of your own this summer!


We hiked to waterfalls….


Climbed up mountain tops…


Toured the lake…


And all worked together to complete the world’s most difficult puzzle!

I’m so happy that all the pieces fell together just right for us to spend a week together celebrating my son’s graduation and the special companionship of family! Whether your family consists of blood relatives or “adopted” members, make time this summer to appreciate the people in your life’s journey! It’s a miracle cure for everything!

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