Happy St. Nicholas Day! (No Time for Gingerbread Men? Make Hermits Instead!)


We had a wonderful tradition when the kids were little and lived at home. On St. Nicholas Day (December 6), I would get up while it was still dark and set the table for breakfast by candlelight. 


We ate St. Nicholas Gingerbread men, told the story of Old St. Nick, and the kids opened their first gift of the holiday season. For many years, I think they enjoyed this tradition even more than Christmas day! (Can’t you tell?)


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But all of this took planning (and it was always done in secret, which is not easy when you’re trying to make gingerbread men and hide all of the evidence). 


The kids no longer live at home, so December 6th often comes and goes without any gingerbread men. But this year I tried something new! A friend shared her family recipe for Hermits with me. I had never heard of them before, but once I studied the recipe, I realized they were very similar to my gingerbread men—only a whole lot easier and quicker to make!

Mix up your dough and stir in the currants or raisins that normally decorate the cookie:


Now comes the cool part. Place the dough in two long strips on a large baking sheet (otherwise, do it one strip at a time on a small baking sheet), then smooth it out with the back of a spoon dipped in milk, which keeps it from sticking to the spoon and leaves a nice smooth sheen when baked.


After baking and cooling, cut into strips, like biscotti.


And enjoy! These taste like gingerbread men, but without the time and hassle of rolling out the dough and decorating them. Happy St. Nicholas Day and Merry Christmas! Recipe for Hermits


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