Frog legs for dinner? Food Fitness Faith


Last night we were reading in bed when our dog started growling at something. He was looking at a strange dark blob on the wall. I said, "Looks like a large moth, but I don't have my glasses on." Richard said, “Looks like a frog to me.”  I said, “No way!” 

I got up to take a closer look and sure enough, it WAS a frog! 


Well, we didn't really want to go to sleep with a frog in the room (although it might have been a good idea since the mosquitoes are finding their way into our house), so I went to the kitchen and got a coffee cup with a lid to trap him. Handing the cup over to Richard, I let him know that catching frogs was a man's job. Well, they don’t call the game “Leap Frogs" for nothing! 

Richard chased that frog around the room and under the chair. At one point we both thought he had him. It reminded me of the guys on the street with the 3 cups and a bean underneath one of them. As you watch them switch things up, you feel certain you know where the bean is. Yet, when they lift the cup, there’s nothing underneath. That’s exactly how we felt, when we were certain that the frog was finally trapped. However, as we tilted the cup slightly to put the lid on, nothing was there! 

We moved the chair and continued chasing. The frog hopped up onto the footboard of the bed. Now Richard was getting really mad. He definitely did NOT want a frog in the bed! So, he gathered up his courage and quickly grabbed the poor little thing. Just as quickly, he screamed (in a very manly way of course) and dropped it. “It peed on my hand! %*#@“

This now became a woman’s job! I took the cup, cornered the frog and somehow got him in the cup with the lid on it (I hoped). Richard told me to look and see if he was really in there (as he kept his distance), but I certainly wasn’t going to do that until I was outside. Luckily, we have a balcony off our bedroom, so I went out on the balcony and lifted the lid. 

The frog jumped out and landed on me, narrowly missing falling down my nightgown! I admit I screamed a girly scream and the poor frog hopped off into the night. So, we would NOT be eating frog legs for dinner, and he will live another day. After all, frogs eat up those pesky mosquitoes who cause me so much discomfort. I just prefer they stay outside where they belong!

I now have a much deeper respect for my son-in-law who catches frogs, salamanders, and all sorts of slimy things with his bare hands— for a living!


He doesn’t scream nor does he freak out when frogs pee on him. I just wish they lived a little closer so I could call him up the next time we need him! 

Needless to say, it took us a little longer to fall asleep last night than usual. Sweet dreams!

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