Everything-But-the-Kitchen-Sink Salad


Yesterday I explained how I get prepared for my busy work week during a detox. Once I have an assortment of precut veggies and other goodies, I'm all set to put together a fantastic salad in no time. I just keep piling things into my wooden salad bowl….


…. I add some extra virgin olive oil and some lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, toss and go!

In my detoxes, we focus on and learn about all of the fantastic foods that help with detox and how they work. Instead of concentrating on what not-to-eat, we think about all the foods we need to eat. We make sure we have a serving in each category of detox food. I've hidden quite a number of them in this salad. It's a real powerhouse of a lunch and keeps me full until dinnertime. In fact, following my dietary detox does not involve starvation or deprivation. You'll remain full and satisfied as long as you eat everything on the detox list. When I start off with my Daily Detox Smoothie and my Everything-But-The Kitchen-Sink Salad, I can easily check off many of the foods-to-eat on my daily checklist (which is posted on my refrigerator) by mid-day.

This is Day 5 of my detox, and I already notice increased energy. It feels like I'm able to get more accomplished with less effort. My feet are softer and the whites of my eyes are brighter. I'm looking forward to the next 7 days! 

If you are doing a detox, or have already done a detox with me, please share your experiences on Facebook or in an email, with permission to share it on my blog. It's always helpful to hear from others. Here's what one detoxer recently said:

"I am loving doing the Winter Detox. I am on day 3 and finding it rather enjoyable to cook and prepare all the things we need, but those sugar cravings are fierce. I will admit I have had a few dark chocolate chips. I already feel so much better mentally and physically because I have to actually focus on me during this time. Thanks for always providing a great motivation for me to get my nutrition cleaned up a bit more!"

You can detox too, so don’t forget that the winter detox is available for purchase for a limited time only, but you can start anytime you want!

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