Eating out during a detox and the beginning of Restaurant Week!


Remember how I said there would never be a good time to start a detox? I proved that to be true yesterday, the first day of my detox. 

It was Martin Luther King Day, and I wanted to do something to celebrate, especially since I have a foreign exchange student living with me. I want her to experience as many of the special American holidays as possible. So, I invited my parents to join us in downtown OKC for a gospel concert at the Myriad Gardens.

Due to some time constraints, we decided to go down right after I taught my PraiseMoves® class. That meant we'd need to drive to the gardens then grab a bite for lunch. (I always try to plan my detox schedule so I can eat at home as much as possible… but something inevitably comes up where I find myself in a challenging detox situation.)

We didn’t want to walk far, for my parents’ sake, so we just popped into the Colcord Hotel, an historic building that has been beautifully renovated and is adjacent to the gardens near the venue of the concert. I had not been inside and was pleasantly surprised! There are comfortable chairs by the ultra-modern fireplace where one can lounge and chat:



The menu had some good detox options, but then we discovered it was Restaurant Week, when participating restaurants around town offer special prix-fixe menus at a discounted rate. Bummer! It was very tempting, but I managed to stick with a salad. Luckily I’m not going entirely gluten-free, although I'm trying to only eat whole grains, which is easy to do at home but a lot harder when the waiter brings out a basket of hot bread right out of the oven! I must admit, I took one small roll. I guess that was my daily cheat. Mie was much stronger than me, since she's determined to go gluten-free. I hope that's our last meal out for the remainder of the detox. Only 11 more days to go!

After a lovely and delicious lunch, we walked through the park, past the ice skating rink and on to the concert. Enjoy the photos! 


Above: Devon skyscraper and the Colcord Hotel on the right (where we had lunch)

Below: Statues in the Myriad Gardens (not many plants this time of year)


Above: The Devon Ice Rink

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