Digging Through Boxes for Christmas Treasures


Rebecca’s First Christmas Ornament

At the beginning of every Christmas season, I carefully pull out the boxes of ornaments we’ve accumulated over the years and open them up. Memories immediately start swirling through my mind as I remove a few favorites. Which ones will adorn our tree this year?


Sometimes I use all of my mother-in-law’s antique ornaments. She never updated her original collection, and now these vintage glass balls are back in style! Other years I choose all of the bells, stars, or angels…or perhaps all of the ornaments purchased on trips. It’s always a bittersweet time, as I’m reminded of places we’ve been, fun times we’ve had, and people we have loved that have either moved away or traveled to their final home in heaven.


Some of my favorite ornaments have to do with my grandmother Mullins. Mama (as we called her) and Papa (my grandfather) owned a 5 & 10-cent (or variety) store in Eden, Texas. I suppose those no longer exist, except in small country towns like Eden.


Beginning with the birth of our first child, Rebecca, Mama would pick out an ornament for Rebecca from their store’s collection and engrave it herself. When our son, Greg, was born, Mama added another in his honor. Each year we looked forward to receiving a new one for the collection. 

There were years when Mama forgot to send the ornaments, and other times when she engraved the wrong date.  However, these simple ornaments, engraved with a shaky hand, make be smile—and cry a little. I treasure these keepsakes and often incorporate them into a “golden ornament” theme for the tree.


One day, Rebecca and Greg will add these to their own collections and decorate their Christmas trees with them. They’ll be reminded of the great-grandparents who loved them with all their heart—a gift more precious than gold!    

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