Day 1 of 31 Days of Eating Gluten-Free

Join me and my lovely daughter, Rebecca, as we blog about eating gluten-free for 31 days!


Last year, my daughter suggested that we do a month-long challenge to go gluten-free together and stick to it! I really didn't want to, but since it was my daughter asking how could I say no?

Although I hold seasonal detoxes during which I encourage participants to go gluten-free and do so myself, these detoxes only last 1-2 weeks. I had never followed a GF diet for a month! I wasn't sure if I'd be able to do it since I love bread so much. 

It was a little difficult at first, but as the month progressed, I became accustomed to the diet and really didn't miss gluten too much. When I really started craving bread, I bought a few gluten-free bagels. They're not the same, but they helped me get through it. 

So it's been about one year since we completed our challenge, and I thought you'd like to hear how we've done since that challenge. With my daughter’s help, we’ve found informative gluten-free websites, fun blogs and great cookbooks, which we’ll tell you about. We'll share some of our recipes from last year, as well as some we've come up with since that time. 

Many people have gluten sensitivities without even knowing it. A good way to determine this for yourself is to simply avoid gluten for a while and see how you feel.

It's important to understand that the most extreme form of gluten sensitivity, celiac disease, is very serious. Celiac is a digestive disease in which the body reacts to gluten as a foreign invader and damages the intestinal lining, leading to all sorts of potentially dangerous problems. Celiacs MUST avoid all gluten! We'll talk more about celiac disease later.

Whether you’re planning to go gluten-free, or just want to learn more about it, please follow us as we spend the next 31 days sharing our thoughts and experiences with you. Sign up for the RSS feed or check my website daily. I'll also post a link to the blogs on my Food*Fitness*Faith Facebook page, so "Like" me there if you want to view them that way!

Looking foward to sharing with you and receiving your comments too.



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