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I hope you enjoy my personal musings on food, fitness and faith as it plays out in my life. My Head to Heart Meditations is the new home for my faith reflections. Fitness articles will appear under Fitness: Fitness in the News. I have designed this website myself and I write all of the content and take all of the photos. Thanks for taking the time and interest to read my heart-felt words. I hope in some way to inspire you to live a joyful, creative and healthy life!

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My Word for 2019


It’s finally time to reveal my word for 2019 — HEALING!

I must admit, I didn’t want to choose this word. I was hoping to come up with something clever, unique, and impressive. I wrote down a number of options, but somehow this word kept coming to mind. …

Remembering Lessons from Strega Nona’s Christmas and Making Cod for Christmas Eve

strega nona

When my kids were growing up I would collect a new Christmas book each year. Sometimes I bought one myself, but we often received one as a gift from others. Merry Christmas, Strega Nona was one that my daughter received from her first grade teacher, and it immediately became a family favorite. 

Make Room for Thanksgiving Leftovers (and End Up With Chicken Noodle Soup)

With Thanksgiving about two weeks away, I decided I had better go through the freezer and figure out what should be used up, so I’d have room for the holiday leftovers! This is actually a good thing to do at least once a year, since frozen foods are best if used within 6 to 12 months.

How to dry and store herbs from your garden.


storing herbs

I don’t know what most appealed to me the first time I bought a jar of Paromi tea—the tea or the jar. In the end, it doesn’t really matter since I love them both.

These high quality teas are a special treat, and this blend called “Sleep with Me’ is my new nighttime favorite. …

Digging Through Boxes for Christmas Treasures


At the beginning of every Christmas season, I carefully pull out the boxes of ornaments we’ve accumulated over the years and open them up. Memories immediately start swirling through my mind as I remove a few favorites. …

More Spanish Inspiration


As promised in my previous blog post, I have been trying to recreate the tastes of Spain in my own kitchen.

According to our tour guides, Spain is known for paprika. So, of course I brought some home. …

Spanish Inspiration


This past April, my husband and I went to Spain for a much-anticipated vacation. It was all so beautiful that I wanted to capture every moment with a photo. My husband rolled his eyes when I pulled out the camera, but later on he couldn't wait to see the pictures, even the food photos. …

When did "nice" become a dirty word?

holly bea

I’ve read several articles recently that described the difference between the words nice and kind. In short, the nice person is described as an inauthentic people pleaser with low self-esteem, who's driven by her need to be validated by others, can't accept criticism, and ends up angry and bitter. …

Old Ladies in Yoga Pants

Photo on 2011-11-27 at 15.40

Recently a disgruntled old man wrote a letter to the editor of his paper to complain about older women walking around town in yoga pants (aka leggings). He felt that anyone over 20 looked ridiculous in them, which sparked a large protest parade of women of all sizes and ages wearing yoga pants. …

Christmas Morning, by Pat Bortz

Christmas Morning(2)

I want to thank my good friend and talented author, Pat Bortz, for sharing this lovely story with me. Although children grow up and start their own family traditions, we can still adjust and embrace the change, like Pat. …

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