Aloe Vera

Tis the season… for sunburns! We all know that aloe is great for any kind of burn, including sunburn. It’s soothing for bug bites and basically any skin irritation. That’s why it’s called “The First Aid Plant.” Fresh is best, so buy a little plant to keep in your home. They’re easy to grow, pretty and oh so useful! Just split open a piece of the leaf and rub the gel on a wound or burn.

However, aloe vera has many other useful benefits. It is actually one of the oldest and most popular medicinal plants known to man. Aloe is mentioned in the Bible and in other ancient documents as well.

Benefits of aloe:

* Antioxidant

* Anti-inflammatory

* Anti-bacterial

* Soothes acid-reflux

* Soothes digestive issues from constipation to diarrhea to IBS

* Soothes and hydrates hair and skin

* Traditionally used to treat ringworm and eczema

An aloe vera plant is a must for any natural remedy first aid kit! Also, organic aloe vera juice is a great addition to detox. It supports the elimination and detoxification systems while providing a wide variety of nutrients.

Copyright © by Bobbi Mullins, originally published December 6, 2012


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