Private Nutritional Training: 

    Initial Session (60-90 minutes) in-person or by telephone or Skype - $75

        We will go over your completed health questionnaire and food diary, 

            then set up overall goals and first steps.

    Follow-ups (30-45 minutes) in-person or by telephone or Skype - $35

        Each follow-up reinforces and builds upon the original overall goals.

   One month package (Initial evaluation first week, plus 3 follow-ups in remaining 3 weeks) - $165 ($15 discount)

   Custom packages of above services at discounted rates: 

       I recommend 3 or 6 month packages as the best value and most effective way to

            promote lasting changes.

       (Contact me for pricing based on the number and combination of sessions.)

   Combo Nutrition and Fitness packages

      After an initial nutritional session and fitness assessment, we set up weekly or twice weekly sessions for intense and lasting changes! Great if you want to work out regularly in your own home, while receiving support and encouragement for your weight loss or other health goals.

       (Contact me for pricing.)

Exercise and Fitness:

    PraiseMoves Classes - Christian alternative to yoga. Learn more here and contact me to schedule a private Skype class! Click here for prices.

    Combined Fitness Teaching private and semi-private classes that combine PraiseMoves with weight training and intervals, all via Skype, in the privacy of your own home!


   Available to conduct an in-person detox and/or exercise group for your friends in your home. 

       (Contact me for pricing.)

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