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As many of you know, I’ve been working on a very special cookbook aimed at young adults with limited resources who want to cook their own meals, but don’t know where to begin. 

Although geared toward young adults just starting out in their own tiny kitchen, this cookbook will be useful to anyone who wants to prepare easy, economical, and healthful meals, even if you have plenty of room and experience.

This was a project I had envisioned with my young adult children, based on their own experiences as they grew up, left home, and took on the responsibility of making their own meals. And now, I am happy to say, that we have finally published our cookbook, 

but it is much more than a compilation of recipes. 

We have thoughtfully chosen the most important kitchen gadgets and utensils you would need to equip your kitchen, as well as the most commonly used staples and spices to fill your pantry and refrigerator. All of our recipes are built around those finite resources. 

Finally, we provide definitions for cooking terms and explain techniques throughout the cookbook.

Click on the photo below to be directed to our sister website, Finite Foodie, where you can find out more information and order your own copy, as well as find additional recipes!

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We can all benefit from a little support when it comes to changing our habits and taking the necessary steps to improve our health. 

That’s where I come in—whether you want to change your diet, 

exercise more, or focus on bringing peace and serenity to your spirit.

I asked one of my fitness clients who found me on a Google search to write a testimonial about the benefits she’s noticed after working with me for a year. Here’s what Monica had to say (May 2018):

I found Bobbi after doing a local search for PraiseMoves instructors. When I learned that the classes would be over Skype I wasn't sure how that would go, but it's been a year since I've been working with Bobbi and I have found Skype offers us great flexibility with scheduling as there is no travel time and ample opportunity for her to give me feedback and correct me. 

I look forward to my PraiseMoves classes every week as a special time for me in which I’ll have the opportunity to exercise, meditate on scripture, and rely on it for strength to push my body physically. This practice has been helping me in my spiritual growth and my journey as a Christian. I have also benefited physically. When I first started working with Bobbi I had to warn her of the effect my neck pain was having on my ability to move and exercise. Bobbi developed personalized stretching and exercise routines that have helped me get stronger, gain flexibility and be free of pain. My neck pain is no longer a problem and I can do exercises that challenge my neck and spine without reservation. My fitness has improved as noted recently by my husband when we went out to play tennis after a long hiatus and he mentioned how strong I was and how much better my stamina was. I must also add that my all my muscles are leaner and better defined. 

Thank you Bobbi!

Please go to the Testimonials page to read others. 

As we age (or should I say, transition from one phase of life to the next?) it’s important to accept the new challenges we face and embrace lifestyle changes that support a healthy and graceful aging process, whether you’re moving into your 30’s, 80’s, or anywhere in between.

Please look through the pages of this website to learn more about what I do and how I might be able to support you in your quest for good health. 

(You will NOT find ads or anything else on my website other than my own original work, essays, blogs, photographs or recipes, unless otherwise specified.)



(and I don’t mean this type)


I had great difficulty this year deciding on a word to be my focus for 2018. However, after much deliberation and prayer I finally settled on PRESENT, and I’m not talking about receiving presents

although I’m fine with that too!  

Learn how I chose this word and how I plan to be present in 2018. Read Being Present for God’s Presence and Presents




My goal as a wellness trainer is to help you reach optimal wellness by providing the knowledge and tools needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I encourage and guide my clients to take control of their health and establish lifelong habits to build self-confidence and enjoy life to the fullest.

This is accomplished through private nutrition, wellness and fitness sessions, as well as special shopping trips and cooking demonstrations. I will help you set up goals which might also incorporate getting your life a little more organized, finding time and motivation for exercise and prayer, and of course, eating more healthfully.

Many of my clients follow my HOLISTIC SEASONAL DETOXES. Email me if you are interested in a personal consultation and a detox plan uniquely designed for you. After following the winter, spring, summer and fall detoxes you will find that you can more easily live a DETOX LIFESTYLE that incorporates most of the detox knowledge and practices into your daily way of life.  I also am available locally if you want to host a detox group in your home with some friends!

Each seasonal detox has a different focus and its own cookbook. My detoxes are gentle, dietary detoxes, with no special products required. You will learn how to create a less toxic home environment both physically (by our choice of products) and spiritually (by uncovering toxic thoughts and by reconnecting to God).

Fitness is another key component of good health. Since moving to North Carolina, I have been teaching private PraiseMoves classes via Skype. It’s a great way to reach people wherever they live, in the privacy of their own homes, based on their schedule! I’m also available to teach PraiseMoves in person for individuals, retreats and women’s groups. 

Last but certainly not least, I pray for my clients, students and detoxers. Many studies confirm the healing power of prayer and the importance of a healthy spiritual life. I encourage you to seek God: 

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you,” declares the LORD.” - Jeremiah 29:13-14

"Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you." - James 4:8

My philosophy for healthy living: 

—Eat foods that are fresh, wholesome, and simply prepared.          

Enjoy your work. 

—Take time to relax, sleep, laugh, and pray. 

Listen to God.

Appreciate your loved ones. Give them a hug!

Life is brief. Take care of the body, mind and spirit you’ve been given, so you can enjoy your time on this earth and a life everlasting in the next!

If you have any questions, please email me.

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Bobbi Mullins

MS Holistic Nutrition

Consulting Herbalist

A.C.E Certified

Certified PraiseMoves Instructor

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