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"For I am the LORD who heals you.” Exodus 15:26b

Read why I came up with this word, and how I intend to incorporate it in 2019.

Also check out my “wrap-up” of God’s Presence, my word for 2018.


My philosophy for healthy living: 

—Eat foods that are fresh, wholesome, and simply prepared.          

Enjoy your work. 

—Exercise in a way that’s fun for you.

—Take time to relax, sleep, laugh, and pray. 

Appreciate your loved ones. Give them a hug!

My goal as a wellness trainer is to help you reach optimal wellness by providing the knowledge and tools needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I encourage and guide my clients to take control of their health and establish lifelong habits to build self-confidence and enjoy life to the fullest. 

This is accomplished through private nutrition, emotional and spiritual wellness, and fitness sessions. I will help you set up goals to get your life a little more organized, so you can find time and motivation for exercise and prayer, and of course, eating more healthfully.

Many of my clients follow my HOLISTIC SEASONAL DETOXES. Contact me if you're interested in a personal consultation and a detox plan uniquely designed by and for you, based on my simple guidelines. After following the winter, spring, summer, and fall detoxes you will find that you can more easily live a detox lifestyle that incorporates the knowledge and practices you’ve gained into your daily way of life. 

Each seasonal detox has a different focus and its own cookbook. My detoxes are gentle, dietary detoxes, with no special products required. You will learn how to create a less toxic home environment both physically (by your choice of products) and spiritually (by uncovering toxic thoughts and reconnecting to God).

Fitness is another key component of good health, so I teach private PraiseMoves classes via Skype. This is a great way for us to connect, wherever you live, in the privacy of your own home and based on your schedule! I’m also available to teach PraiseMoves in person at retreats and women’s groups. 

PraiseMoves is excellent exercise, but it also includes speaking and meditating on the word of God, prayers, and contemplative devotions. Many studies confirm the healing power and importance of a healthy spiritual life, and my students often tell me how the classes have strengthened them spiritually as well as physically. 

If you have any questions, please email me. Read testimonials from some of my clients, too.

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Bobbi Mullins

MS Holistic Nutrition

Consulting Herbalist

A.C.E Certified

Certified PraiseMoves Instructor

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